David Scott “Mr. Showtime"

Mr.Showtime David Scott is THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER FOR LONGEST STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW BY AN INDIVIDUAL AT 40 HOURS AND 8 MINUTES and he is more then just a stand-up comedian.  He takes the audience on an incredibly funny journey through 4 decades of music.

Forget everything you think you know about Stand-up Comedy because YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET.


 Don't miss this great show Limited tickets available get them before they are sold out! questions please call the box office.

Doors Open 6pm-Show8pm


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Saturday, March 9

Comedians Tim Cavanaugh & Sonja White

Nationally touring stand-up comedian Tim Cavanagh has been headlining  for over 25 years.  His show is clean, clever and fun!  Funny songs, prizes and audience involvement that never cross the line.  With just the right touch, Tim makes his performance an event rather than a show.

Sonya combines Southern charm with city-wise street smarts.  Sonya’s Comedy is peppered with spot-on impersonations and sound effects. 

Doors Open 6pm-Show8pm


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Saturday, March 16

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Bash

2018 Photo Gallery

Maggie Speaks

Maggie Speaks has been firing up stages since 1997, and they’ve shaken up entertainment for private clubs and corporate events with innovative passion.  They don’t just put on a show – they give you a full live band experience that gets everyone singing along and dancing on their feet. 

St. James Gate

 Since their first show in 1986, St. James Gate has weathered evolving musical tastes blending traditional Irish music with rock, country, and- above all - a lot of fun. So grab a pint and come join us as the legend continues!

Doors Open: 6:00pm
St. James Gate Band: 7:00pm
Maggie Speaks: 9:00pm


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